Reynoldsville Borough Council holds lengthy work session

The Reynoldsville Borough Council held its monthly work session on April 7 and discussed a number of issues.

One borough resident, Derek Pierce, addressed the council with a question that has been on the minds of borough residents for several weeks—what’s to become of the police department now that its former chief Troy Bell took a position with Brockway Borough. The council decided in its 2021 budget not to fund part time officers, so right now the borough does not have a police officer.

“We need a cop,” he said.

Pierce discussed the situation with council president William Cebulskie, at times referencing the availability of former officer Tammy Murray, who lost her job at the beginning of the year.

Cebulskie responded that at this time the council was attempting to “throw out a lot of different ideas.” He mentioned he reached out to the Sykesville, Punxsutawney, and Brookville Police Departments to possibly come up with a regional police force.

“We’re not going into it blind. We’re going to try to make a good decision here,” Cebulskie said.

Later, Cebulskie told Reynlow Community News that he did not have a timeline on when the council would make a decision. He plans to attend the Sykesville Borough Council meeting on April 19 to discuss the issue.

Car show benefit

David Marchioni presents his car who idea to council.

David Marchioni approached council about holding a car show on September 12 with a rain date September 19. All proceeds would go to the Reynoldsville Veterans Memorial Park.

He asked to use the borough park for the event. Council welcomed the idea and approved the use of the park but requested that insurance for a one-time event be purchased, which is standard procedure for an event like this in the borough. Council Secretary Jacqueline Dixon will get the insurance information.

Fire department gun rally

Council member Darren Scolese, who is also the borough fire chief, explained how the firemen plan to use the borough park for its outdoor gun drawing on May 22.

“We have everything pretty much lined up,” he said.

Scolese requested Deitz Alley behind the fire hall be closed from noon to midnight that day. He also requested a waver of the ordinance prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the park, which has been granted in the past.

A motion was approved to close the alley and grant the waver.


Borough dog park

Reynoldsville resident Steven Ghezzi brought a proposal to council for a dog park in the area of the soccer fields.

“I’m just trying to get the idea out right now,” Ghezzi said.

The proposal included a plan and a map for the park.

“I think it’s a neat idea,” councilman Scolese said.

After some discussion, it was decided to refer the matter to Solicitor Joe Ryan for his review.

Knox Boxes

At the request of council member Scolese, council approved a motion to purchase a “Knox Box” that would have the keys to the different areas of a building in a secure location so that first responders can access those areas in case of an emergency.

He recommended a box be placed at the borough building for access to the library and other offices, and he’s hoping businesses in the area will follow suit.

Only fire department officers would have access to box.

Other items

Council discussed what to do about a phone line for the code enforcement officer. Currently, the number used by code enforcement is the same as the police department. Action on that number was tabled until the April 21 regular meeting.

Council approved a resolution authorizing a feasibility study for the Reynoldsville Swimming Pool for additional grant monies and a motion to repay $50,000 to the tax anticipation loan.

Borough Secretary Dixon mentioned that the grant decisions on the multi-modal grant and an additional grant for the pool have been postponed until the end of May.

The council also approved a request from member Nichole Walk, who is also the code enforcement officer, to update the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) to the 2021 version. Right now the borough is using the 2015 IMPC regulations. The matter was referred to the borough solicitor for the necessary ordinance.

Council then recessed its work session to Tuesday, April 13, at 8 p.m., to give the members time to review the proposed paving projects. Once the decision is made at that meeting, the bids can then be advertised in time for action in May.

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