AG Lab comes to C.G. Johnson

From bugs to beans and everything in between, students at the C.G. Johnson Elementary School got to learn about agricultural science with a visit from the mobile AG Lab.

Traveling teacher Connie Swidzinski uses a volunteer to help teach a lesson about bugs

Made available by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, this AG Lab was one of eight that crisscross the state to help students learn more about agriculture and maybe even find a career.

Connie Swidzinski, the teacher traveling with the lab, said the visit was designed to raise awareness among the students about the importance of agriculture.

“One in seven people employed in the United Sates actually have a job related to agriculture,” she said.

Students learned about insects, beans, and other agricultural related subjects and got to complete some hands-on projects including making their own bugs.

The visit was sponsored by the C.G. Johnson PTA, which held a fundraiser to bring the AG Lab in.

“Those funds that we bring in from fundraising gives us opportunities to bring programs like this into the school,” said Cody Bowser, PTA president.

Another PTA fundraiser is planned for the end of the school year.

The Ag Lab was at the school from March 20-22.


To watch the video click here.

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