Borough Council wrap up from August 22 meeting

Reynoldsville Borough Council met in regular session on August 22 and the first order of business was to present the Citizen of the Month Award to Alen Bussard.

L-R: Alen Bussard and William Cebulskie

Bussard is a lifelong resident of Reynoldsville and a member of the last graduating class of Reynoldsville High School and an Army veteran. He is the owner of B M Machining of Reynoldsville, which provides jobs as well as support for community causes.

During a discussion on the transfer of the borough park to the Fire department, Cebulskie said he will be meeting with State Senator Cris Dusch concerning that transfer. The state organizations providing the grant monies were concerned the park transfer included the pool, which it does not.

“Sounds like we need to get that taken care of, and the Senator will help us get that through,” he said.

In other action, the board named Henry Sutter to the Reynoldsville Recreation Committee which has oversight of the pool.

Garbage Contract

Councilmember Ralph August, who serves on the committee working on a garbage contract, asked for an executive session to discuss issues regarding that work.

Council President Cebluskie suggested it wait until after the committee reports. Council did go into an executive session, but took no action on the matter.

Committee Reports

In his report on streets and sewers, August asked that Road Supervisor Rick Troutman be allowed to take a truck home because he gets called out on emergencies. After some discussion, the matter was tabled.

August also reported that the Municipal Building is no longer a hazard since the contractor, PALO, Inc., removed the pieces cited in an engineering report that could have fallen off at some point.

August added that it has been recommended that the exposed brick and other surfaces be covered with stucco because of the clay tiles in the facade. PALO is discussing the matter with other contractors, and engineers from PVE, LLC will be reviewing the work.

In her report, Councilmember and Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk requested a no parking sign be posted on one side of Grant Street Extension due to accidents in the area. There was also some question about speed bumps being placed on the street but not by the borough.

After a lengthy discussion, it was decided those issues will be addressed.

Cebulskie commented, “We can make sure it’s taken care of.”

On the subject of speed bumps, Mayor Mark August asked that speed bumps be placed in the area of the soccer field until the season is over in October.

On another issue, Walk requested the council consider getting rid of the Quality of Life Ordinance and restore the Property Maintenance Code. She said the Quality of Life Ordinance requires her to issue four citations before taking the case to the magistrate while the Property Maintenance Code would allow her to take quicker action.

According to a previous Reynlow Community News report, the Quality of Life Ordinance was adopted back in 2019 to help the borough deal with blighted properties.

It was decide to refer to the matter to the ordinance committee.

Some discussion was also given to problems with trash at the borough park and the overloading of the dumpster located there.

Council then went into an executive session on personnel and legal issues but took no major action after that session.



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