Burkett resigns from Reynoldsville Borough Council

Citing differences with the Reynoldsville Borough Council over the handling of alleged improprieties at the Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority, John Burkett has resigned from council.

Burkett finished out a term last year and then won a seat on council for 2020.

In his letter dated August 24, Burkett states:

I ran on doing positive things for this town thinking that what was the goal of all on council. I was so energetic and excited to do this job at first and thought we would all be on the same page as a group for doing this precise thing, but do not see that happening.

All I have seen thus far is a few people wanting to do this with me and the rest doing nothing but concentrating on a bunch of old men with grievances from when they worked for the Water Company many years ago…”

At the last council meeting, former authority employee Bob Adams read a letter accusing the Authority of unethical policies. Council later voted to approve a forensic audit of the Authority’s finances.

In his letter, Burkett accused Council President Bill Cebulskie of trying to disrupt the operations at the Authority and “pushing these men behind the scenes.” He added:

I have made it loud and clear numerous times that if this behavior from council was going to interfere in my Home Life and put a damper on what I was trying to do for this town and try to get it back to a place that people want to come visit and hopefully put roots down here, I would resign. Well it has.”

Burkett’s wife, Melissa, works at the Authority and has been an outspoken critic of the council’s actions at recent meetings

Reynlow Community News has confirmed that council has received the letter and will take action on it at the next work session scheduled for September 3.

A complete copy of the letter is attached below.

Borough of Reynoldsville Resignation

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