“CG Loves Reading” celebrated at C.G. Johnson Elementary School

Chippy Chipmunk
Chippy Chipmunk joins Kathy M. Miller during the “CG Loves Reading” program.

One way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the love of reading and that’s what happened at the C.G. Johnson Elementary School.

The students attended a program delivered by Kathy M. Miller of New Ringgold, PA. Miller is an accomplished teacher, musician, photographer, and children’s author. Her Chippy Chipmunk series has received 35 national awards.

Her message to the students was how they, too, can be creative and tell their own stories.

“I’m hoping to inspire them to use their natural surroundings for inspiration,” Miller said. “There’s so much in our own backyard that can be a subject for a book.”

Miller added that everyone—including children—have access to a camera and that makes it an easy way to take pictures and create a story.

The students were excited when Chippy (see photo) made an appearance and gave him a high four (chipmunks don’t have thumbs) on their way back to class.

Event coordinator Paula Foradori said it was a part of the Title I program for students and their parents. “The idea of enhancing non-fiction was a part of it as well, and she does all non-fiction writing.”

Two assemblies were held, the first for grades K-1 and the second for grades 2-3-4.

“Today is Valentine’s Day,” said Foradori, “and we invited her (Miller) here today to show our love for reading.”

Watch the video here.

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