Drug, burglary charges filed in several investigations in Reynoldsville

Reynoldsville Borough Police have filed charges in several cases that occurred in the borough recently.

According to a report filed with District Magistrate David Inzana’s office, 28-year-old Jesse R. Appleton of East Main Street in Reynoldsville is facing burglary and drug charges

Reynoldsville Police Sergeant Tammy Murray reported she and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Special Agent David Farabaugh interviewed Appleton on April 24. During the interview, Appleton allegedly disclosed he had drug paraphernalia in his residence and agreed to turn it over to the officers.

While at the residence, Sergeant Murray saw a brown love seat that she recognized as being taken during a burglary at the residence next door to Appleton’s.

The officers and Appleton returned to the station to continue the interview. During that interview, Appleton allegedly admitted to entering the residence next door and removing several items. He then gave a written statement in the presence of Murray and ATF Agent Farabaugh. He also consented to a search of his apartment.

Sergeant Murray then contacted Reynoldsville Borough Police Chief Troy Bell to assist in the search while Appleton remained with Agent Farabaugh.

The officers recovered several items from the burglary as well as baggies of methamphetamine, marijuana, pills, drug paraphernalia, and a glass mirror with three lines of white powder.

Charges were filed against Appleton on April 25.

In a separate incident that occurred on April 15, Reynoldsville Borough Police also filed drug charges against 31-year-old Justin Jerrell of 457 East Main Street in the borough and 18-year-old Isaiah Logue of 336 South 11th Street.

On April 16, officers attempted to serve a warrant on 38-year-old Dustin Wolfe of 906 East Main Street in Reynoldsville. Wolfe allegedly tried to flee the scene but slipped in the grass and fell. He was transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

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