Feral cats and other complaints included in the latest Reynoldsville Code Enforcement report

Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk presented her report from July 28 to August 16 to the borough council on August 17.

Walk, who is also a member of council, reported a number of items were dealt with, including the removal of more than 1600 pounds of garbage from a resident’s basement. Other items removed around the borough included a dryer, a refrigerator, a mattress and box springs, and a truck. Her office also took in $127 for the borough for parking tickets and other items.

One big complaint she’s been receiving, she told council, was about feral cats, especially at the end of Worth Street, the 200 block of Jackson Street, and along Fifth Street and Gordon Alley. Walk also said she spoke with an individual who was feeding the cats and asked her not to.

Walk said she contacted Rick Brocious, who removed pigeons for the borough, about removing the cats, but the costs would be too much and there was a concern over what would happen if a family pet was caught and removed to the Clearfield SPCA.

It was decided to table the matter and get more information about what could be done.

Walk also notified residents about a ban on burning leaves in the borough this fall. She noted that blowing leaves onto borough streets, alleys, and sidewalks is also prohibited.

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