Gas fumes bring out Reynoldsville firefighters Friday

When Dave Wruble, the owner of Sub Hub on Main Street in Reynoldsville, arrived for work Friday morning, he noticed an unusual smell. He investigated and discovered a heavy smell of gasoline coming from the basement.

Reynoldsville Firefighters were called out at 9:52 a.m. Fire Chief Darren Scolese told Reynlow Community News that the source of the fumes, which were also affecting McCabe Drug Store, were hard to track down. He said he spoke with employees at the adjacent One Stop Convenience Store who told him they had received a shipment of gasoline earlier that day. Watching the security camera video, the driver of the the truck was observed dumping a bucket in that area, one that is used to clean the truck hose.

Chief Scolese said the company that owned the truck was contacted. It sent workers who dug up the area of the spill and cleaned it up.

Both businesses were aired out and were able to open.

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