Jeff Tech Operating Committee meets

Michael Ford

The Jeff Tech Operating Committee met on November 7 and welcomed a new member.

Michael Ford,  from the Brockway Area School District and a senior in the diesel program at Jeff Tech joins the board as a student representative. 

In welcoming Ford to the committee, Chairman Dr. Fred Park said that his experience with school districts has shown the importance of student involvement.

“When we get our students involved to be a part of things it really makes a big difference,” he said. 

Ford also commented on how well the school year was going at Jeff Tech, and he called attention to the new mentoring program that began in October.

School principal Melissa Mowrey explained to the committee that the purpose of the program was to randomly match students with a teacher who will be their mentor while they are at Jeff Tech.

“That gives them one other adult in the building to build a relationship with over four years,” she said.

In regular action, the board approved the remodeling of the drafting/engineering area for an Electrical Occupations program. The committee also approved the purchase of a 72 passenger bus at a cost of $10,000 to be used by the diesel program.

Jeff Tech will be closed Friday, Veterans Day. A special Veterans Day assembly will be held at the school on Thursday.

The next committee meeting will be held December 8.

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