Jefferson County Commissioners developing broadband internet plan, asking for help from residents

The Jefferson County Commissioners have contracted with  Mission Critical Partners, LLC, to develop a broadband internet  strategic plan for the County to determine the level of broadband  service across the entire County, and to develop a roadmap for  ensuring that areas currently unserved or underserved have  access to affordable and reliable high-speed broadband. 

The  Commissioners recognize that access to high-speed broadband  services is critical for education, economic development,  healthcare, and many other facets of life today and want to  ensure that all County residents and businesses have adequate  broadband services. 

To accomplish this, Mission Critical Partners  staff will be reaching out to County stakeholders, including school  districts, healthcare providers, businesses, residents, and others  to gather information about the current state of broadband  services across the County to identify those areas most in need of  improved service. An online survey will also be developed, which  can be accessed via the County’s website here: 

 All residents, business operators, educational institutions,  healthcare providers, and any other stakeholders are encouraged  to access and complete the survey, which will only take about 10- 15 minutes to complete, so we are able to have the most  accurate information possible for this planning effort. 

For people  who are unable to access the County’s website, there will also be  two group conference calls scheduled with Mission Critical  Partners. The first one is scheduled for February 8, 2022, from 6  pm – 7 pm. The second one is scheduled for February 22, 2022,  from 6 pm – 7 pm. The dial in number for both calls is 814-380- 9900, passcode 18505#. Please contact Mr. Scott Neal, Mission  Critical Partners, LLC, by phone at (814) 470-0189 or by email at with any questions.

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