New scoreboard at the Reynoldsville Rollerdrome honors the memory of a frequent skater

There’s a new scoreboard at the Reynoldsville Rollerdrome, one that honors the memory of someone who used to skate there a lot.

The board was purchased with the money raised in a tournament held in September by the local XHL Hockey League. XHL representative Bob Anderson gave the money to the family of Tyler Reynolds, who died this past summer from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident near Reynoldsville. The parents, Nicholas and Kristen Reynolds, asked that the money be used at the Rollerdrome.

“Tyler was here all the time,” Kristen Reynolds said as she watched the XHL Ironman Tournament being held at the Rollerdrome on December 27. She said he had skates on as soon as he could walk.

In addition to the normal display, the board reads “In Memory of Tyler Reynolds” in white lettering on a black background at the bottom. It was installed just in time for the XHL tourney by Rollerdrome co-owner Dave Schuckers and his brother-in-law Jim Caltagarone.

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