Quarantine Wouldn’t Be So Bad If The Weather Made Up Its Mind! by Andrew Lewis

Yesterday, we had a family reading party on the back porch.  It was nearly 70, sunny, and the birds chirped happily in the woods.  We even heard our neighborhood owl hoo-hooing somewhere in the trees.

Today, I did a little work outside and froze.  We were down to 42 degrees.  The next few days will have us going from 48 to 62 and then back down into the 50s.  Welcome to March/April in Western Pennsylvania.

I get that viruses like COVID-19 doesn’t care too much about the weather, but couldn’t it have waited till a nice stretch of time here? Like the first week of May or something?

The downside of working from home is the fact that I liked going to work every day in this time of year.  I had big windows in my classroom.  My office in my house has a small window that I have stuffed full of Funko Pops.  I know, my fault.  But still, it’s not even warm enough to take a laptop outside!

Yes, I realize I’m complaining.  But I think that we should remember that some places under lockdown have much better weather patterns than we do.  Others may have worse.  Then again, I haven’t heard much about COVID-19 in Alaska.  Maybe some places are too uninviting even for the virus.

(And if you’re thinking about millennials going to the beach to spread coronavirus, we’re still at home. That’s Generation Z: the kids of Generation X or older millennials.  But mostly Generation X.  Don’t blame us for that one.)

The next few weeks will be rough, everyone.  The governor told us to stay home until the end of April, which is probably going to cut in on your Easter plans.  But please, please, please, please do not decide that an Easter service or dinner is worth taking the risk.  You will have plenty more.  While I’m complaining about the weather, I’m hoping the curve will flatten and we’ll get out of this with a fraction of the deaths elsewhere.

But complaining about the weather is a normal thing.  It’s what we do when we have nothing else to talk about.  So, I wish the weather would make up its mind!