Reynoldsville Borough Council votes to dissolve the water authority

In a surprise move, the Reynoldsville Borough Council adopted a resolution at special meeting May 6 to dissolve the Reynoldsville Water Authority.

In an interview with Reynlow Community News, council president Bill Cebulskie declined at this time to say what precipitated this action, but he said the council had to be “proactive for Reynoldsville.”

“Everyone on the board, they’re good guys, everyone’s good, but there’s been things that have been questioned, “ he said. “It was in our best interest to reign it in, fix the problems, and continue to run everything as best we can the same way but still make things better for the whole town.”

Cebulskie added he’s been researching the authority for some time and has consulted with DuBois City Manager Herm Suplizio and State Representative Cris Dush about the best course of action.

Right now, he said the takeover is in what he called the transition period. He said the solicitors for the council and the authority are working things out at this time, and he wasn’t sure how the long the process would take. However, Cebulskie said nothing will change

“Even when it transfers, really, it’s going to be business as usual,” he commented. “It’s really nothing more than a title change so we can pull both places’ resources together.”

Cebulskie said he envisions a borough council committee made up of two council members and three citizens to govern the authority, but he has to wait for the legalities to be worked out before any plan can be put into place. In the meantime, he said the employees will continue to do their jobs as usual.

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  1. The water is too expensive in Reynoldsville. Hopefully, some improvement will be made to make it more affordable. My water bill per month is more than my highest gas bill in the winter to heat my home.

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