Reynoldsville Council decides on summer roadwork

At its last meeting, the Reynoldsville Borough Council decided not to adjourn but to continue the meeting on April 25 to discuss street paving. On April 25, that’s what happened.

With board chairman TJ Sliwinski absent, the meeting was chaired by Robert Crosby.

The council reviewed a list submitted by borough crew foreman Rick Troutman that included the names of streets and alleys that needed to be worked on and what needed to be done (see link to the complete report below).  The price tag for that list was $146,768.

Some discussion was given as to possibly obtaining a loan to fund the entire amount, but council members expressed their concern about taking on the debt. In addition, council was pressed for time since action had to be taken so bids could be sent out in time for the May meeting.

Eventually, it was decided to use Liquid Fuels monies to work on five projects—Grant Street, Jewell Alley, Fourteenth Street, Beech Street, and Hassan Alley—at a cost of approximately $44,000.

Councilman Crosby suggested looking at the budget to find money for two additional streets. With suggestions from borough secretary Jacqueline Dixon, the council decided to dip into different allotments, including the police department money for a part time officer. Crosby said if the police department needed the funds later, the borough would get a loan.

The council added Third and Power Streets to the plan at an additional cost of $32,000, with $20,000 coming from the police department and rest from other areas of the budget. Dixon pointed out the police department money will not be needed right away, and that council will have a better idea of where it stands later in the year.

Troutman expressed his concern about not addressing the work needed on other streets and alleys in the borough. Councilman William Cebulskie suggested developing a strategic plan to address the issue. All agreed to carefully consider road work in upcoming budgets.

In another matter, Councilman Crosby said he believed “our code enforcement needs to be beefed up.” Currently, Code Enforcement Officer Larry Kirkwood, who is also a part time member of the road crew, is only allotted Fridays to do that work. The council decided to give him additional time on code enforcement when he is not needed with the borough crew.

With several members not able to attend the regular meeting scheduled for May 15, the next council meeting will be moved to May 16 at 6:00 p.m. and that change will be advertised.


To review the complete report, click on the link below. Streets/alleys highlighted in yellow will be completed this summer.

Street Report

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