Reynoldsville Council takes action on borough building façade problems

File photo from May 6, 2022

Despite money concerns, the Reynoldsville Borough Council took action on the problems with the borough building façade.

At its July 18 regular meeting, council discussed what needed to be done to repair the façade. Councilmember Ralph August said that he invited three different contractors to review the engineers report and look at the building, but only one, PALO, Inc., visited and provided estimates.

The costs were broken into two sections. Part one included work to remove the faulty sections that were identified in the engineer’s report at a cost of $22,000. If after that is completed and it ios determined that all of it needs to be removed, the cost would be $47,000. The price does not include repair work.

Council members expressed their opinions that the project had to be done due to safety issues, but the question was where the borough could get the money to do it.

After some discussion, Council President William Cebulskie suggested the borough get a loan to get the work completed.

Councilmember Nichole Walk made the motion to approve parts one and two and the possibility of getting a loan. It was seconded by Councilmember John Chesnalavich, Jr. and approved.

One member of the audience suggested possibly salvaging the limestone slabs on the front.

Councilmember Kyle Gordon said he researched the building and found that the building was built in 1934 and cost $32,000.

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