Reynoldsville council updates 2020 budget

After reopening the 2020 budget recently, the Reynoldsville Borough Council made some changes that actually reduced the total overall.

Problems with the tax rates and how they were advertised forced the council to reopen and re-advertise the budget.

Initially, the per capita tax was increased to a level above state limits. It is now set at $10.00. The occupational assessment tax will go up 10%. Real estate taxes will go up one mill and the fee for delinquent taxes will go from $60 to $100.

The council made some cuts and managed to take the money saved there and move it into the sinking fund, an emergency fund used throughout the year for different expenditures.

The total budget amount was slightly reduced from $880,670 to $879,070.

The state requires municipalities that change their budget to have it advertised and adopted by February 15. To that end, the borough council will meet on February 12 at 6 p.m. at the fire hall to take final action on the 2020.

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