Reynoldsville Library Board reorganizes, honors departing member. An article by Peggy Zortman.

Karl Rebon and Mary McCluskey

At the regular January meeting of the Reynoldsville Public Library Board of Trustees on January 12, plans for the future were discussed, new officers were elected and a long-time Trustee was wished well as she withdrew from the board.

The new officers unanimously elected were: 

Denise Dennison, President

Kim Roman, Vice President, 

Ryan Hayden, Secretary

Jessica Hoogeveen, Treasurer

Other members of the Board include Sam Bundy, Mary Ann Trzyna, and Peggy Zortman. The Library Director is Karl Rebon, and Assistant is Marnie Durnell.

General discussion about plans for the future followed the election of the officers.

Mary McCluskey, who has served as Treasurer of the Board for fifteen years, has decided to move on to other endeavors. She was thanked for her many years of faithful service and then awarded an engraved clock, a rose and  cupcakes generously shared with the others. Mary’s parting words were: “I loved all of it. I love the library.”

The Board of Trustees as well as Karl and Marnie invite you to visit our local library. Karl has recently purchased a plethora of new books you might want to check out. Explore the well-stocked shelves for a classic novel or do research on your project. Be sure to take children to the library too, they can choose from a large number of age-appropriate books.

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