Reynoldsville Water Authority hires office manager, will reopen office May 10

The Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors met in regular session on April 28 and hired a new office manager

Jessie Beck, who recently was employed by S and T Bank in Reynoldsville, was one of four people interviewed for the position according to board member Henry Deible.

“It was strictly a business decision. We selected the most qualified candidate that was available,” he said. He added that thank you letters should be sent to the other candidates who were interviewed.

Beck is the daughter of board member Mike Beck, but Board President Barry Fillman said he was not involved with the hiring.

“We kept Mike out of the process entirely. He didn’t know who the candidates were,” he said. Board member Beck abstained from voting on the motion.

With the hiring, the decision was made to reopen the office to the public on Monday, May 10. The hours will be 9-noon and 1-4 Monday through Friday. Customers will need to wear a mask when entering the building.

Water problems

Board President Fillman asked about the continued problem with the smell and taste of the water. He said it was noticeable at Jeff Tech, where he is the school director.

This same problem was noted earlier this year, but the carbon filter causing it was repaired. Systems Manager Robert Crosby noted that some areas are not experiencing the bad smell and taste.

Board member William Cebulskie suggested flushing the lines section by section to alleviate the problem. Crosby stated a consultant will be testing the water this week and its hoped that the analysis will provide some answers.

Billing property owners

Back in February, the board discussed sending water bills to the property owners instead of the renters starting with the June billing. It was noted previously that 60% of customers in the authority’s service area are renters, and if the water bills are past due they are hard to collect.

Authority Solicitor Jeff Gordon said he was working on the letter that will be sent out to property owners informing them of the change, but a board review of current polices and procedures was necessary before the letter can be sent out. That review will take place over the coming weeks with action expected at the May meeting. This review might delay the goal of starting with the June billing.

Sewage problems

At the March meeting, Systems Manager Crosby reported that the sledge press at the sewage plant was off line due to technical issues and the authority is unable to de-water the sludge. In his current report, Crosby said a contractor has been pressing 20-thousand gallons a day with the goal of pressing 100,000 gallons total while the authority’s equipment is being repaired. It is hoped that it will be back on line next week as a consultant from the manufacturer will be on site to help with repairs.

Other actions

The board approved a motion to name Mike Beck as board vice president. It also changed meeting dates and times to the fourth Thursday of the month with the executive session starting at 4:30 p.m. and the regular meeting at 5 p.m.

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