State police investigating an alleged theft at Reynoldsville Municipal Authority

On March 1, State Police filed a police report indicating it has launched a criminal investigation into an alleged theft at the Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority.

The news release itself is brief. It says that the Pennsylvania State Police DuBois Barracks is investigating a theft at Reynoldsville Municipal Authority. The victim is listed as the Reynoldsville Water Authority. The nature of the incident is listed as “theft disposition of funds.”

Rumors had been swirling, but this is the first concrete evidence of a criminal investigation at the water and sewer authority.

In August of last year, the Reynoldsville Borough Council approved a motion to complete a forensic audit of the authority’s books. There’s been no word on the outcome of that audit.

In January, members of the authority’s board resigned. They were replaced by a new board members appointed by council. One position on the five-member board remains open.

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