DASD board makes plans for all-week school at the middle school, high school by Glenn Schuckers

Although the DuBois School Board does not take votes at its work sessions, Superintendent Wendy Benton did outline a possible plan to allow all students who want to return  full-time in a building. Since elementary students will be back in school five days a week beginning October 19, Benton said she has been meeting with administrators, teachers and school personnel to come up with a plan to include both the Middle School and High School back full time.

She also indicated that the plan will not be on the agenda for the next regular meeting, October 22, but may be voted on at a special meeting which could be scheduled for Monday,  October 26.

As the plan stands now, fifth and sixth graders at the middle school would be allowed to return to the Middle School on November 2.That date could also see the return of all grades at the high school. On the next Monday, November 9, the seventh and eighth grade students could return to the Middle School, At that time all student from grades five through twelve who wish would be back in school full time.

However the number of students in these buildings will be significantly reduced. Due to students who are in the virtual academy, who take full time on-line classes and may have a blended schedule, there will be some 513 students at the high school and 860 at the middle school. That represents about 37% of the students n the High School and 64% of the students in the Middle School.

Currently all students in grades 5 – 12 are divided into two “teams” who attend school every other day. That plan was developed to conform to CDC guidelines to reduce the numbers of students in the buildings and allow for safety concerns relative to the Coronovirus pandemic.

Benton also said that although the numbers of infections are “moving in the right direction, we are not there yet” in order to resume regular full time classes. She pointed out that although part of the District is in Jefferson County, which is in the low definition relative to the virus numbers, much of the District is in Clearfield County which has higher numbers, putting it in the “moderate” category.

There were no other questions or comments on the proposed agenda for the upcoming regular meeting, other than an item to hire Andrew Edinger as Director of Transportation. That will be voted on at the next regular meeting, October 22, 2020.

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