Master Gardener certification class applications now being accepted

Applications are now being accepted for Penn State Master Gardener Certification classes which are held every year beginning in October and continue weekly, minus holidays, till March.  Due to Covid19, all classes will be held via the internet this year.  The ability to use a computer is mandatory.  The benefit?  When cold winds blow and icy roads make travel unsafe, you can spend time with your feet up, enjoying a class with a cup of hot chocolate topped with cinnamon and a toasted marshmallow!  After class there will be a Zoom meeting of all participants to cover Review Questions, view workshops and have discussion, or question and answer time.

Following your Master Gardener Certification, you will never look at a garden in the same way.  Use of good horticultural practices will make weedy, laborious digging through hardened soil into a fun event such as hand-dug healthy potatoes for the winter.  Make your gardening easier and more productive with what you will learn.  Share info with friends, family and neighbors so their gardens will thrive as well.

When asked what the current Master Gardeners like most about the program, it is the opportunity to continue learning and being able to work with others on the projects, hands down!  The Master Gardener program opens the door to proven Horticultural research and new growing techniques.  How much you learn beyond the basic classes is entirely up to you.

Applications can be sent via the internet on request.  You must have a desire to work, study, learn and then teach Horticulture to the public.  Teaching can be done in many ways, face to face or through demonstrations at the gardens.  Although this is NOT a garden club, there are many social opportunities to meet and interact with others. Your application will be reviewed and an interview conducted to make sure both sides understand the Certification requirements before a seat in the class is awarded.  Deadline for applying is September 10 so materials can be ordered.  Applications after that time will still be considered but textbooks may not be available for the first few classes.

To learn more about the Certified Master Gardener program go to:

You may also e-mail the county coordinator at

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