Police discussion continues to dominate Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting

The lack of personnel for the police department was once again the major topic of discussion at the Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting held on July 26 at the fire hall.

The department has been without an officer since former Chief Try Bell left in March to assume the same position with the Borough of Brockway.

With newly appointed member Max Smith attending his first meeting, the council heard from several residents who voiced their concern over the safety of the borough without a full time police department.

One resident, Leeann Toombs, addressed council for about twenty minutes on a number of different issues she felt the borough faces without its own police, including the safety of children when the school year starts in August.

At times, other members of the audience offered their comments and questions, and at one point Council President William Cebulskie warned that if those side comments continued the person making them would be asked to leave. This did occur, but the person making the comment, Stacy Snedden, was already on the agenda to discuss the issue and refused to leave. Her agenda opportunity was then skipped over.

In his response, Celbulskie said that the council is continuing to look at options for regionalization, something, he said, the state is encouraging. He said a meeting is planned with the Sandy Township Police Department in the coming weeks. He later commented that some sort of action about the department would take place after that meeting.

Homecoming committee

Mark August, a candidate for mayor in Reynoldsville, informed the council he was forming a committee to restart the annual homecoming celebration. He said he’d like to add to the the Red, White, and Blueberry Festival in July, including closing Main Street and offering amusement rides for children.

The council supported the idea and offered to help if needed. August plans to meet with the Reynoldsville Community Association, which puts on the festival, to discuss his ideas.

Speed bump

Borough resident Tim Myers asked council for help with a speed bump located at the end of Jackson Street. He said he owns an antique car that drags on the bump.

The council informed him that the bump was not installed by the borough but by a resident in that area. Council member Ralph “Tucker” August said he would investigate the matter.

Other actions

During the committee reports, Council member August said the problems with the curb on Main Street in front of the Mancuso’s Restaurant are not an easy fix. It was suggested that a conversation with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) was in order since it maintains Route 322 and regulates adjacent curbs.

The council also discussed trash problems at the borough park adjacent to the football field.

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