Pro football player from Reynoldsville visits C.G. Johnson

Butler answers questions from the students

“Keep chasing your dreams” was the message Paul Butler brought to third and fourth graders at the C.G. Johnson Elementary School on April 5.

Butler, a C.G. Johnson alumnus, also played for the Reynoldsville Falcons and the DuBois Beavers, graduating in 2011. He went on to play college football and is now signed with the Oakland Raiders coming off his rookie season.

“They can be anything they want to be,” Butler said before addressing the third graders.

During that time, Butler talked about the difficulties he had to overcome to make it to the Raiders. Last summer, he worked for the Reynoldsville Water Department.

“I probably read your meters,” he told the students. He also told them, “Don’t get discouraged about anything. Always believe in yourself.”

Butler returns to Oakland in two weeks to begin training for the 2019 season.

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