Random Thoughts: Sunday hunting in PA

For the longest time, there have been efforts to allow Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania, but those efforts never really amounted to much. They remained stalled in the state legislature. However, times have changed.

According to an excellent (and thorough) article by Marcus Schneck of Pennlive.Com (click here to read it), Sunday hunting is “now closer than ever to being approved.”

You can hunt on Sundays in PA, but only for crows, coyotes, and foxes. The Pennsylvania Senate Game and Fisheries Committee approved Senate Bill 147 on February 5 by a vote of 8-3. It gives the Pennsylvania Game Commission the “power to regulate Sunday hunting.”

I’m an avid hunter, and I’m wrestling with this thought. It’s only fair to give my quarry a day off to rest and recuperate. And at my age, I like the same break.

However, I enjoy fishing on Sundays. Sure, I don’t fish with a 30-06, still the principle is the same.

The measure is opposed by farmers and hikers, represented by the PA Farm Bureau and the Keystone Trails Association.

What do you think? Take our very unscientific survey and let us know.



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