Resident requests take up the majority of the Winslow Township Supervisors’ August meeting

The public comment portion took up most of the meeting time for the Winslow Township Supervisors on August 8.

Gwen Sheldon, who lives near the S-Curve on 322 toward Brookville, asked the supervisors for help with a change to her hidden driveway sign. She said she would like to add the footage to the sign to alert drivers where the driveway is located.

The supervisors said that was something the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) would handle and they gave her the necessary contact information. They also offered to help put up the new sign if approved.

Another resident asked for traffic mirrors be placed along Firetower Road. That request was also referred to PennDOT.

Jacob Sheldon, a former resident who has moved back to this area from Arizona, asked the supervisors to sign off on a request for a septic permit for property he has purchased from Lloyd and Nancy McCreight in the same general area as the Sheldon property. The supervisors approved the request and Board President Robert Krajewski signed the document.

Nancy McCreight approached the supervisors about a dog barking complaint. She said a DuBois resident purchased property in the area and located two dogs there. While the owners are taking care of the animals, their barking is causing a nuisance.

Residents in the area posted a letter to the dog pens asking the owners to take care of the problem. McCreight presented a copy of the letter to the supervisors.

Supervisor Rick August explained that the township does not have the ability to intervene when it comes to a noise complaint.

“We don’t have that ordinance in place,” he said.

The supervisors did agree to refer the matter to the township solicitor and send an additional letter to the property owners about the issue.

After public comment, the supervisors worked through a short agenda, paying the bills and noting that there is still no time line yet on the new addition to the township building. They also were informed that the truck they ordered in May should be arriving sometime this month.

The next will be held September 12 at 6 p.m. at the township building.

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