Reynoldsville code enforcement officer files April report

Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk has filed her report, this one for the month of April.

Some of the highlights include 14 junk vehicles being removed from borough properties and the removal of two mattresses, four sofas, two recliners, and other items, including a television set, a stove, a boat, and a hot water tank.

More than 15 bags of garbage and other rubbish were removed from five properties. Walk handled 11 burn complaints, issued 27 parking tickets along Main and Jackson Streets, and had a junk trailer torn down. She also sent out 19 compliance letters in April. She also warned a resident about blowing grass clippings onto a borough a street, which poses a safety hazard. The resident cleaned it up to avoid a fine.

Walk was appointed the borough code enforcement officer in March of this year.

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