Reynoldsville council facing budget problems

Reynoldsville Borough is facing a budget dilemma that may not be so easily resolved.

At the August 15 regular meeting, Borough secretary Jacquelyn Dixon informed council that she was concerned that what was in the budget would not carry the borough to the end of the year. Delinquent accounts seem to be the problem.

She provided the council with quotes from S & T Bank for loans totaling $100,000 and $150,000 for different rates depending on the length of the loan, but the rates were only good until the next day. She said she was trying to keep the funds in place for the paving project, but that was becoming difficult and a loan may be necessary to complete the project.

The council seemed to freeze as it tried to wrestle with a solution. No motion was made with Council Member Nichole Walk stating, “It’s a hard motion because you don’t want to put the town in any more [debt].”

It was decided that Borough Council President William Cebulskie will visit other banks and see what rates they offer and revisit the issue at the September meeting.