Reynoldsville woman facing drug charges

A search of a vehicle on May 6 brought about drug charges against a Reynoldsville woman.

According to the charges filed on May 7 with District Magistrate David Inzana’s office, Sargent Tammy Murray of the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Senior Agent David Farabaugh were conducting an investigation into a stolen firearm after receiving a tip that 20 year old Ciera Caltagarone, of Brown Street in Reynoldsville, allegedly had one in her possession.

During the investigation, a consent search of Caltagarone’s vehicle took place. The investigators report they found methamphetamine, suspected Fentanyl, heroin, several baggies used for packaging methamphetamine, stamp bags used for packaging heroin, a scale, needles, a glass pipe, a glass tube, and a cellphone.

According to the report, Caltagarone admitted to both using and distributing heroin and methamphetamine.

She was taken into custody and transported to the Jefferson County jail.

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