School board gets school performance reviews

Administrators from all the schools in the DuBois Area School District presented their performance reviews to the Board at a regular meeting on November 21. The date of the meeting had been moved up one week form its regular date of November 28 because of Thanksgiving.

Superintendent Wendy Benton introduced Director of Curriculum Anne Young who outlined what would be presented. She said the District’s scores were all good noting that in all areas the scores exceeded both state and regional averages. She then introduced the high school principal, Brian Weible, who presented the high school’s scores.

Weible said that the average high school scores in ELA (English and Language Arts), science and math exceeded both the state and regional averages. He went on to outline several of the special events and accomplishments of the staff and students. He said the school had contributed $5,500 to to the Make-a Wish foundation this year. The high school will also have its greenhouse in operation by spring and expects to be able to sell plants then. He also repeated an accomplishment that had been noted by Student Representative Annie Wingard that the Best Robotics Team had won in a competition and will be competing in Denver, Colorado later.

Middle School principal Darren Hack then described the performance review of that school. He said that it too had exceeded both state and regional averages. He went on to say the school has and active Second Harvest Backpack program designed to help support students who need the aid. The school also has a anti-bullying program. Hack said he was especially proud of the school’s musical production of Willy Wonka which had included many of the students.


The next presenter was Dr. Edward Dombroski, principal at the C.G. Johnson Elementary School in Reynoldsville. Dr. Dombroski said the school has an active PTA which has helped out in various activities in and around the school.

Following Dombroski, Barbara Jo Smith, principal at Juniata Elementary school described programs at Juniata Elementary School, which included a food program carried out in cooperation with Martin’s grocery store. Following her, two fourth-grade students from the school told the Board about what is happening at their school.

Then Oklahoma principal Tammy Cook explained that “things are OK at Oklahoma.” She said the school has an active PTA which carries out many activities for the children.

The last elementary school to report was Wasson. In addition to having an active PTA, principal Kathleen Ginther said the school has implemented new programs to help the students who are looking forward to the new addition to their school slated for next year.

Finally, Special Education Director Robert Kriner pointed out the many improvements that have been made by students in that program. He said that both the graduation rates and number of students staying in the program have increased.

In closing that part of the meeting, Assistant Superintendent Brigette Matson said that as a newcomer to the district, she has been impressed by the openness and cooperation she has met by both students and staff.

Article submitted by Glenn Schuckers

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