Winslow Township supervisors meet

Problems with the supply chain is hampering road maintenance in Winslow Township.

At the July 13 meeting of the Winslow Township Supervisors, resident Marilyn Buhite spoke to the board about the dust problem on Blose Hill Road in front of her home. The Township had completed some work on the road last year and told Buhite to remind the supervisors more work needed to be completed this year, which was what she was doing at the meeting.

Supervisor Rick August, who chaired the meeting in the absence of Robert Krajewski, said he believed all the maintenance work the township was able to do had been completed, but he needed to talk to Krajewski to confirm that. He added that after the COVID-19 lock down was lifted, municipalities around the area rushed to get work done leaving materials in short supply, mainly road oil.

“It’s not so much getting it, it’s getting it on time,” he said.

Buhite suggested contacting Henderson Township, since the township lines meet at the road, to possibly work together on maintenance.

August said he would talk with Krajewski about the situation.

In other action, the supervisors approved a motion to get another contractor to do seal coating if necessary. The board has been unable to contact the current contractor and some of the work has not been completed.

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