Winslow Township Supervisors reorganize, welcome new member

L-R: Mike Mowrey, Robert Krajewski, Mary Greeley, Rick August

The Winslow Township Supervisors held their annual reorganization meeting on January 3.

Joining the board was Mike Mowrey, who won election last November. He replaces Ed Mohney who served two terms.

The board officers will remain the same with Robert Krajewski board chairman and Rick August named vice chairman. Roadmaster will remain Brian Mottern, Sr., with the assistant road mangers being Brian Mottern, Jr., and the supervisors. Mowrey was named to the position of pension coordinator. Mary Greeley will remain the township secretary.

The law firm of Ferraro Kruk and Ferraro will remain the township soliciting firm and the EADS Group will remain the township engineering firm.

The supervisors also voted to provide a 30 cent an hour raise to township employees. Meeting dates and times will remain the same, the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m.

In the auditor’s meeting that followed, Tina Bernarduci was named chairman and Tim Kougher secretary-treasurer. The auditors concurred with the pay increases and set mileage at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved amount of 58.5 cents per mile which can be changed if the IRS changes the rate.

A work session for the annual audit will be held during the last full week of January. The auditor’s report will be presented at the supervisor’s March meeting.

In the brief regular meeting that followed, the supervisors discussed the Covid relief funds that the township received this past June totaling $131, 098.19. The township has until 2024 to report how the money will be used and until 2026 to use the money. The township will receive the same amount later this year.

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