Council hears possible Christmas light solution

The borough crew installing one of the lights on Nov. 21.

For months, Reynoldsville Borough has been wrestling with what to do about its aging Christmas lights, but a lower cost solution was presented at the December 18 council meeting meeting.

Barb Matusky, who, along with her husband Jack Matusky, have worked with the lights in the past. She told council that she contacted the company that made the lights to see if they could be replaced. She was told that the lights were of such high quality, they would be expensive to replace. However, he did have a suggestion.

“He suggested…that when the time came, we should get them powder-coated and restrung and …you’ll have new lights right away,” Matusky told council.

Matusky said that she and her husband contacted Absolute Powder Coating in St. Marys to see what the cost would be. They were told it would be $45.00 per light after all the wiring was removed. Once the powder-coating was completed, the frame would need to be restrung and the sockets restored, but that cost has not been determined.

“Nobody has lights like Reynoldsville. Ours are outstanding,” Matusky said. She hoped council would investigate this process and possibly restore the lights the borough already has.

Right now, the borough has 28 lights installed and operating with a few more in storage. Matusky thought the borough has had the lights for 14 years.

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