DuBois Area School District superintendent issues statement on spectator restriction reinstatement

The following from Superintendent Wendy Benton was obtained by Glenn Schuckers

“The stay order reinstates the Governor’s public gathering restrictions until the appeal is heard. Therefore, effective immediately, school activities such as athletic events and extra-curricular programs that have public audiences are limited to 25 people inside and 250 people outside, including all student participants and school staff.

We are saddened and disappointed with this news. The gathering limitations specifically hinder spectators at volleyball and varsity football games. Due to the number of student participants in these two sports, results in virtually zero spectators. Our high school and middle school gymnasiums seat between 1,200 to 1,400 and our stadium seats over 5,000 spectators. We have space and a shared responsibility to social distance.

Last Friday, we permitted every football player, cheerleader and member of the marching band to have 4 tickets to the game. We also provided 2 tickets for every student athlete from the opposing team. Our spectators were extremely grateful for the opportunity to watch their kids play. We had zero issues with spectators complying with wearing protective face coverings and social distancing. At no time did we even come close to 25% capacity of our stadium. We remain committed to our students and families and we will continue to advocate for their ability to attend events. Our families have made a commitment to us to protect themselves, to protect the season and to follow the health and safety procedures for them to attend in a safe manner.”

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