Jammin’ at the BI-LO

Jennie Bohren, Karl Rebon and Tom Duffey

Saturday evening, September 21, 2019 citizens of Reynoldsville and the surrounding area enjoyed a pleasant evening of fellowship, good music, and a $2 hot dog dinner. The weather could not have been better. A flock of geese even did a fly-over.

The community event raised much need funds for the Reynoldsville Public Library.

Reynoldsville BI-LO Market was the primary sponsor. Utz Quality Foods donated a variety of chips and Pepsi Cola donated banners and the drinks. A flatbed truck was provided by 814 Home & Hardware of Sykesville.

The band, Cats & Jammers and Friends (Chris, Mark and Mike) played a variety of music.

“We look at the audience, then choose songs we believe to be appropriate,” they said. They chose well. The audience listened and applauded and at the first beat of the Pennsylvania Polka they danced.

The community event was the brainchild of Tom and Susan Duffey.

“[It’s] a way for the community to get together and at the same time earn funds for the library,” Tom said. The Duffey’s were there to serve hot dogs and hand out chips.

Karl Rebon, Reynoldsville Public Library Director, reported he was pleased with the attendance and the funds raised.

“Not a large amount, but more than we had before,” he stated. Karl thanked all those who helped that evening including Jennie Bohren and Mary McClusky.

Karl also hinted at another exciting event to come. A meet-the-author event is being planned for November 20, 2019. John Schlimm, author of Extraordinary Dogs, will be guest speaker. Karl says more information will be shared as details become available.

Ed Gulvas of BI-LO was very satisfied with the event and the attendance. He thanks all of those who attended.

“We at BI-LO Market are happy to do what we can to promote our community. Maybe this can be an annual event and we could rotate charities. I look forward to doing it again next year,” he stated.


Article and photo by Peggy Zortman

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