One Stop building coming down

Audie Geer of Horizon Homes of Reynoldsville works on the demolition of the One Stop building.

The actual demolition of the old One Stop building on Main Street in Reynoldsville began on March 18, 2019.

Workers for Horizon Homes and Construction Services of Reynoldsville have been on site for a while cleaning out the inside of the store. Now the outside work has begun.

Kandy Bannon, store manager, says there is no real timeline as of yet, but they do have a floor plan for the new building.

Bannon, who has worked for One Stop owner Jim Brown of DuBois for 23 years, said she was a little sad to watch the demolition after putting in so much timer there.

“We’ll come back bigger and better,” she said.

The One Stop Convenience Store was destroyed by a fire on January 22.

To watch a video, click here.

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