PennDOT announces virtual plans display for Interstate 80 – North Fork Bridges Project, Jefferson County

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invites the public to view plans regarding the State Route 0080 (Interstate 80/I-80) North Fork Bridges project in Brookville Borough and Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County.

The I-80 North Fork Bridges are dual structures (one eastbound and one westbound) crossing over the North Fork Redbank Creek and Water Plant Road.

The purpose of the project is to provide safe, efficient and effective crossings of I-80 over North Fork Redbank Creek and Water Plant Road that appropriately accommodate interstate traffic with respect to connectivity, mobility, loading and geometry.

This section of I-80 has a posted speed limit of 70 miles per hour (mph) and has horizontal and vertical geometry that does not meet 70 mph design criteria. Many crashes, nearly twice the statewide average, have occurred on this segment of I-80 due to a substandard curve on the western approach to the Eastbound bridge.

In addition to the replacement of the I-80 North Fork Bridges, this project will include the replacement of the I-80 Eastbound and Westbound bridges over SR 4003 (Jenks Street), as well as the replacement of the SR 4005 (Richardsville Road) bridges over I-80. The project will also include the extension of the North Fork Park Culvert, which carries I-80 traffic over the tributary to North Fork Redbank Creek.

The project team does not anticipate any detours on I-80 throughout the duration of construction. I-80 will maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction for the majority of construction. During certain construction activities, such as tie-in work, temporary lane closures may occur, leading to occasional traffic delays during peak hours.

We anticipate detours on both Jenks Street (SR 4003) and Richardsville Road (SR 4005).

To comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the project is being advanced as Categorical Exclusion (CE) and impacts to natural, social, economic and cultural resources are being assessed.

The project is currently in preliminary design, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2024.

The presentation will be available March 1 through March 22, 2021.  A comment form is available on the project page which allows you to communicate your comments, and concerns regarding the project.

In accordance with Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the plans display will be held online only.  The purpose of the plans display for this bridge replacement project is to share preliminary information on the project’s status, schedule, design and right-of-way acquisition. PennDOT representatives along with design consultants will be available to answer questions.

To access the webpage visit click on the Public Meetings/Studies link under the District Links heading, click the Jefferson County box, and then choose North Fork Bridges Project tile.

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