PennDOT reminds community members signs are prohibited in the right-of-way on state roadways

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is reminding community members that outdoor advertising signage is not permitted on state highway property which includes right-of-way areas.

Federal regulations and Pennsylvania state law prohibit certain advertising signage within the right-of-way, including but not limited to yard sale, political, realtor, business, or event signage. Signs may not be attached to light, signal, or utility poles, guide rails or traffic signs.

By regulating outdoor advertising in the right-of-way area, PennDOT protects the safety of the travelling public by reducing roadway distractions and improving sight distance at intersections.

Right-of-way includes land purchased by PennDOT on which a highway is built, as well as the shoulder or berms, plus any additional area needed for highway purposes. It is often 33 feet wide in total (from one side of the road to the other) but may be much wider (120 feet or more in some cases).

Signs removed by PennDOT staff are temporarily stored at the nearest PennDOT maintenance office for pick up by the sign owner. Removed signs are kept for 30 days prior to being disposed of by the Department. Sign owners wishing to retrieve their removed signs can contact their County or District PennDOT office.

If your sign is removed by a PennDOT employee, you want to obtain information on PennDOT’s outdoor advertising control, or want to know specific locations of a right-of-way, call the PennDOT District Office at 724-357-2800.

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