Reynoldsville Borough Council addresses zoning, garbage disposal problems at its January 30 meeting

Cathy Striegel (seated), Sarah Caltagarone, Bonnie Kaushik (seated)

Zoning was one of the topics of discussion at the Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting held on January 30.

Sarah Caltagarone, president of the Reynoldsville Community Association (RCA), along with RCA members Cathy Striegel and Bonnie Kaushik, approached council about the importance of getting the borough zoned. She said the borough is missing out on grants without it.

“We need to do this this year. We can’t move forward in this town without it being done,” she said.

Caltagarone informed council that 80% of the businesses in the borough are run by women, making more grants available if the borough was zoned, especially from Third to Fifth Streets.

Council was also informed that Jim Venture of the engineering firm PVE, LLC, developed a zoning plan for the borough several years ago. Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan said he would reach out to Venture and have zoning on the council’s February agenda.

Waste disposal

Councilmember John Chesnalavich informed the council that Waste management was still picking up residential waste in Reynoldsville even though ARC Disposal took over that service at the beginning of the year. He also said that people were concerned they had to use a can instead of just placing bags out.

Bob Beck of ARC Disposal said that was no problem.

“It’s okay by us. We can throw it in our truck,” he said.

It was also discussed that there are problems with Waste Management contracts for dumpsters for businesses. It was stated that some contracts are being automatically renewed and costs to get out of that contract vary. Some have been told they had to pay $600 while others have been told they had to pay $2000 or more.

Beck estimates that half the businesses in the borough are affected. He said in some cases, Waste Management will not come pick up their container making it difficult for him to place one.

Solicitor Ryan said he would look into the situation. He also recommended that those who are having a problem may want to contact an attorney.

Hazard pay

Confusion concerning Covid Hazard Pay for borough workers was addressed. Council voted 3-2 to approve the pay at its January 2 meeting, but it was believed that because Councilmember Nichole Walk voted to abstain, the motion failed.

Solicitor Ryan explained that since five members voted, the motion was approved (see the complete story here).

As part of the clarification it was mentioned that Sargent Tammy Murray of the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department would be included. along with former Police Chief Troy Bell.

Other actions

The council opened three bids for work on the Maintenance Building. The bid was awarded to Eli Miller for the bid price $59,800. Council also approved the retainer for Solicitor Joe Ryan’s services.

The purchase of a 2000 grader was approved at the cost of $21,500. The council also approved the purchase of an excavator at the cost of $65,430. Councilmember Kyle Gordon got clarification that this item was in the 2023 budget.

Council has had a difficult time getting a quorum for meetings held on the third Wednesday of the month. With that in mind, the council approved moving the meeting date to the the third Monday of every month at 7 pm. at the Fire Hall.

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