Reynoldsville Borough Council holds May meeting

Allan Klebacha receives his award from Councilman Ralph August, who also volunteers at the park.

The Reynoldsville Borough Council met in regular session on May 18 and named Allan Klebacha Citizen of the month for April. Klebacha, a veteran, was honored for his volunteer work at the Veterans Memorial Park.

A question from a resident prompted council to discuss reforming the park committee. The resident pointed out the condition of the borough park. She said the swings can’t be used by smaller children because of the holes below them.

The council discussed the issue and decided to form a park committee to look into the needs of the park. Council members Kyle Gordon, Nichole walk, and Max Smith volunteered to work on that committee.

Paving project

During a discussion about the proposal for the summer paving project, Borough Secretary Jacqueline Dixon said tax receipts have come in and the borough is at about the same level as last year at this time. At the April meeting the borough was about $16,000 behind in tax collections, but that difference has been made up.

With the budget situation in mind, members of council will work on a summer paving project list and a proposed lean-to for the maintenance shed over the next few days. The proposal will be presented to the full council on Monday night, May 23, at 6 p.m. The May 18 meeting was simply recessed until the Monday meeting.

Pigeon problem and ticket drop off box

Code Enforcement Officer (and council member) Nichole Walk said she had been contacted by a Main Street resident about a problem with pigeons. She said she could get someone who has trapped pigeons in the borough before, but she wanted to know who should pay for it. The last time there was a complaint, the property owner paid for their removal.

After some discussion, the council decided it was the property owner’s responsibility to pay for the trapping.

Walk also said she has not written tickets lately because the ticket drop off box is located at the front entrance to the borough building which is closed due to facade problems (see related story here). She said it wouldn’t be fair for those who wanted to pay but couldn’t access the box.

The council decided to look at two possibilities. One would be to locate the box somewhere near the post office, but the envelopes would have to be corrected directing the person there. The other possibility would be to place the box just outside the barricaded front of the building. Both possibilities will be investigated and a solution will be announced.

Police Car Printer

At the April 20 meeting, Borough Police Officer Sergeant Tammy Murray asked council for funding for the hardware necessary to run the software needed to assist with traffic stops and citations. At the May 18 meeting, council was concerned about paying for the hardware in lieu of the paving projects and problems at the borough building.

Pastor Sam Bundy of the Reynoldsville Alliance Church (and this reporter) said his church would pay for the printer. Council member John Chesnalavich, Jr., said he knew of someone who was trying to raise the funds as well. Pastor Bundy said his church would add to what has already been raised to get the necessary equipment.

Council then went into an executive session and planned to recess afterwards until the paving project meeting May 23.

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