Reynoldsville council member resigns; Sykesville says no to a regional police force

The Reynoldsville Borough Council met in regular session at the fire hall on June 1 and accepted the resignation of council member Robin McMillan.

In a letter to council read by Borough Secretary Jacqueline Dixon, McMillan cited “unforeseen personal circumstances” for her decision.

Council will be accepting letters of interest for the position at the borough office until June 15. The person selected will complete McMillan’s term, which is up at the end of the year.

In related actions, motions were approved to name council member Darren Scolese as board vice president replacing McMillan and Ralph “Tucker” August to the pro temp position vacated by Scolese.

Police department

Borough resident Stacy Snedden asked council when it planned to take action on restoring the police department. While acknowledging the state police presence, she expressed her concern with growing traffic in her area.

“And the traffic isn’t good traffic,” she said, noting the suspicious activity on her street.

Council President William Cebulskie suggested residents can call the State Police. They can also contact the Jefferson County Drug Task Force at 814.849.1595.

Cebulskie said the investigation into the regionalization of a local police force was still underway and that he planned to meet with representatives from Punxsutawney Borough next week to discuss the issue.

Recently, Cebulskie had spoken to the Borough of Sykesville about combining the departments. Sykesville council president Michele Yamrick and Mayor Gail Cunnigham were at the Reynoldsville Council meeting and said that, while understanding what Reynoldsville was going through, Sykesville was not interested in a regional police force.

“We wish you all the best with it, we hope it all works out for you, but as far as Sykesville is concerned …it is something we’re not in favor of,” Yamrick said.

Cebulskie thanked them for coming to the meeting and letting the council know.

On a related subject, council member August suggested a police vehicle be modified for Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk. Council member Scolese said he would investigate what would be needed to modify the vehicle for her use.

Property problems

Borough resident Kacie Rosas asked council for help with a neighbor who was preventing her from completing repairs on her garage roof because the workers would have to place ladders on the neighbor’s property.

Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan said there was nothing the borough could do because it was a private property dispute. He did suggest Rosas hire an attorney and take the matter to the Jefferson County court.

Other actions

*Council opened three bids for the summer paving projects. The bid, totaling $73,020.50, was awarded to Hager Paving of Strattenville.

*A committee was formed by council to look into what would be necessary to adopt a noise ordinance in the borough. The ordinance would include problems with barking dogs. Once the committee’s work is done, the information will be given to Solicitor Ryan, who will present the completed ordinance to council at a later date.

*Council voted to set aside $6,000 to help the Reynoldsville Pool in its efforts to obtain grant monies for renovations at the pool.

*Karl Rebon, the librarian at the Reynoldsville Public Library, was named the Reynoldsville Citizen of the Month for May. Rebon has worked at the library for 19 years and has been the librarian for eight years.

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