Reynoldsville council takes action after water authority board members resign

The Reynoldsville Borough Council held its regular meeting on January 20. After naming Larry “Fuzzy” Foradori Citizen of the Month for January (see related story here), the council went into an executive session that lasted about twenty-five minutes.

After the council returned, president William Cebvulskie said the executive session was about the Sewer and Water Authority. Then two motions were passed, one naming borough resident Henry Deible to the authority board for 2021, the other naming Cebulskie to the board filling a vacant position from 2018 that expires in 2022.

Cebulskie stated after the meeting that all the authority board members had resigned from their posts at a meeting earlier that day. That leaves Barry Fillman, who was appointed at the end of 2020, as board chairman. Two more positions for the five-member board will be appointed in February.

Last year the council voted to have a forensic audit completed on the Sewer and Water Authority books. They also heard from a former employee who accused the authority of “unethical policies.” Earlier in the year, the council voted to dissolve the authority but later rescinded that effort. No word has been received as of yet concerning the forensic audit.

Fire department gun bash

Andrew Flock of the Reynoldsville Fire Department attended the meeting and asked council for its permission to use the borough park for an outdoor version of its annual gun drawing to be held in May.

Council members were in favor of the idea and asked Flock to come back to another meeting when all the plans have been drawn up and ready for approval.

“If that’s going to help the fire hall, I’m all in favor of it,” said council president Cebulskie.

Flock said he would have the details to council by the next meeting.


In the discussion about grants. Borough secretary Jacquelin Dixon said she had been contacted by the state to answer some questions about the multi-modal grant request.If approved, the money can be used for sidewalk and other improvements.

It was also noted borough officials have signed for a Department of Economic Community Development (DCED) grant which would provide $173,365 for the Reynoldsville Pool and $25,235 for the veterans memorial park. No official notification has been received concerning that grant approval.

Code enforcement

Council member Nicole Walk has been busy reviewing possible code violations in the borough and responding to complaints.

She told council that a complaint about a furnace chimney putting smoke in a neighbor’s house had been taken care of, but later informed council that the chimney had collapsed while the meeting was going on.

She and other council members complained about what they perceived to be a lack of code enforcement by Code Enforcement Officer Larry Kirkwood. Walk said she feels the ordinances she has been referencing are “black and white” when it comes to dilapidated buildings.

“We can do something about it. We have that right,” she said.

Council is going to send a letter to Kirkwood requiring his presence at the work session scheduled for February 3.

The council also discussed the Shuttleworth building that had been damaged by a collapse last fall. It appears as through the repairs have been completed, the alley opened, and the drive-up window at Farmers National Bank back in operation.

Police protection

The new year began without part time police officers in the borough with coverage being provided by the State Police when Chief Troy Bell is not on duty. Council member Mike Popson said he has been informed by borough residents they’ve noticed the increased State Police presence.

Reynlow Community News asked council about posts on its website stating that the State Police responses have been too long. Council did acknowledge that it does take time for the officers to respond sometimes, but they are responding and have been seen patrolling in the borough.

Council was also informed that an unfair labor practice brought by the union on behalf of former officer Tammy Murray concerning the lack of back up was thrown out of court citing lack of evidence. Another unfair labor practice filed by the union for Murray last year is continuing. (corrected 1/21/2021 10:36 a.m.)

2021 elections

The question about openings in the upcoming elections was brought before council. 

Tax Collector Christy McGranor has announced she will not seek another term which expires in December. There are four council seats coming up for election as well as the mayor’s position. Mayor Peach Caltagarone told Reynlow Community News he would be seeking re-election. 


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