Reynoldsville Council to advertise preliminary budget; Sergeant Murray back on the job

The Reynoldsville Borough Council met in regular session on November 17 and took action on a proposed budget for next year.

The tentative package totals $865, 625. The 2021 budget totaled $833, 175. This proposal includes a one mil real estate tax increase which is expected to raise $30, 000 in additional income for the borough.

Council passed a motion to advertise the budget and the real estate tax increase. Final action is slated for December 15.

Earlier in the meeting, Mayor-elect Mark August asked why there was no money in the budget for part time police officers. Council President William Cebulskie responded that this was a proposal and hasn’t been finalized yet.

Police department

During the council meeting it was announced by Council Member Max Smith, who serves on the police committee, that Sergeant Tammy Murray was back on the job as of November 15.

Murray told Reynlow Community News that she was taking care of administrative duties right now and waiting for the state to do what it needs to do to reactivate the police department. She said she wasn’t sure when she would be back on patrol.

Code enforcement

Borough resident Peter Zheng addressed council about a problem he has encountered behind his home on East Main Street. He said someone was living in a garage on Gordon Alley which is without power and water. He has had to call the Pennsylvania State Police due to noise problems.

Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk, who is also on council, said she was been working with Mr. Zheng and that the person involved has been notified of the code violations.

“We’re going to work on it,” she said and added later, “We’ll take care of you.”

Access road

Council Member Ralph “Tucker” August said he is working with area officials to obtain a grant to build an access road in the Reynoldsville Industrial Park from Starr Trucking to Sintergy along an old railroad bed. The hope is to reduce truck traffic around Niagara Cutter and open the park to additional industries.

Letters to Santa

At the end of the meeting, Council Member Nichole Walk said a mailbox would be located in the lobby of the borough building so children could place their letters to Santa there. It will be available after the parade on November 27 and close on Saturday December 11 to make sure there is enough time to get the letters to the North Pole.

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