Reynoldsville unfair labor practice hearing postponed

Reynlow Community News has learned that the legal proceedings for the unfair labor practice filing against the Reynoldsville Borough Council slated for this month have been postponed. The filing is in connection with the police contract.

Union representative Rick Keller of Teamsters Local #110 told Reynlow News the pre-hearing is now set for November 19. If no agreement is reached, the regular hearing will be held December 11.

“Both sides agreed to continue it,” he said.

According to a previous story on, the filing with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board Office in Pittsburgh took place in March of this year.

Council originally argued the police contract was invalid, then backed off that claim and approached the issue through the budget process, cutting Officer Tammy Murray’s hours from full time to part time status. According to the filing, the move made Officer Murray ineligible for health insurance under the collective bargaining agreement and was discriminatory.

If the hearing goes forward it will be held in Pittsburgh.

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