Reynoldvsille Borough Council accepts the resignation of John Burkett, postpones replacing him

Jim Urban
Jim Urban was named the Reynoldsville Citizen of the Month for September. Urban, an Army veteran, has been taking care of the ballfields in the borough since the early 1990s. L-R: Council president Bill Cebulskie, Urban.

The Reynoldsville Borough Council met in regular session on September 17 and accepted the resignation of John Burkett.

Burkett resigned in August over a dispute with the council on its decision to complete a forensic audit of the Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority’s books. Reynlow Community News has learned that that audit has not yet been started.

Replacing Burkett on council was postponed until the October 7 work session. Nichole Walk, who ran for council, has expressed an interest in the seat and was present at the meeting. Council president William Cebulskie asked for anyone else who might be interested to let council know before the work session.

In the public comment potion of the meeting, Danielle Roush of 338 South 12th Street was present to update council on her water problem. At the September 3 work session, Roush told council she was facing a water bill totaling more than $700 even though it was estimated. She said she had contacted the Water Authority and was told there was a leak and the leak had been fixed but she said no work had been completed around her home.

At this meeting she informed council there has been no resolution to the problem. Cebulskie promised the borough would continue to investigate the matter.

Dan Edwards of the Reynoldsville American Legion informed council its received permission from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to have alcoholic beverages outside the building, and he wanted to know what ordinances the borough may have covering that. Solicitor Joe Ryan said he wasn’t sure but he would look into it and contact Edwards. He indicated since it was private property, there may not be a problem.

Jessica Funk of Clarion attended the meeting and introduced herself to council. Funk is the Blueprint Communities project manager for the Reynoldsville Community Association and the Clarion Blueprint Community. She offered offered her grant writing expertise to council. Cebulskie welcomed her and said they would meet to discuss grant opportunities. Funk is currently working on the Multi Modal Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  While on council, John Burkett was working on that grant to obtain funds for sidewalks projects in the downtown. Funk said she has been in contact with Burkett who has helped her get the information she needs to file for the grant which is due in November.

Jim Urban, who was named Reynoldsville Citizen of the Month earlier in the meeting, asked council about ATV traffic in Reynoldsville. He explained he was stopped by the State Police while traveling in Reynoldsville even though he had the sticker that permits him to operate his side-by-side within borough limits.

During the discussion that followed, it was mentioned that borough permission does not include state roadways like Route 322 which runs through Reynoldsville. Council decided to investigate the matter and get clarification.

This meeting was on the summer schedule of Thursday nights, but council voted to return to the normal third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. The next work session will be on October 7 at 6 p.m. at the borough building. The regular session will be held October 17 at 6 p.m. at the fire hall.

To watch the entire meeting, click here.

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