Where is DMAP Unit 4312?

There’s some confusion in the Reynoldsville area about the location of the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) Unit 4312 location. Since it’s listed in the private land area of the DMAP web site, those who vuisit the site do not see it listed.

Reynoldsville Borough Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk contacted area Game Warden Andrew Troutman whop provided the following directions for the area that is located in Indiana and Jefferson Counties.

DMAP Unit 4312 Boundary Description (NW in Punxsutawney, clockwise)
1. Gilpin Street to Indiana Street
2. Indiana Street to Gaskill Avenue
3. Gaskill Avenue to Altman Avenue
4. Altman Avenue to Juneau Road
5. Juneau Road to Locust Lane
6. Locust Lane to Locust Road
7. Locust Road to Watering Trough Road
8. Watering Trough Road to Leasure Run Road
9. Leasure Run Road to US119 North
10. US119 North to Beaver Dam Road
11. Beaver Dam Road to SR210
12. SR210 to Miller Road
13. Miller Road to No. 8 Road
14. No. 8 Road to Hamilton Markton Road
15. Hamilton Markton Road to SR536
16. SR536 to SR36
17. SR-36 to Gilpin Street

This is how it’s listed on the Game Commission site

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