Winslow Township Supervisors think they may have found the problem with the Soldier water system

At their regular meeting on June 8, the Winslow Township Supervisors stated they may have located a water leak problem with the Soldier Water and Sewer System.

Supervisor Robert Krajewski said the problem may be two bad check valves at the pump station. New valves have been ordered and will be installed once they arrive. The hope is this solves the problem, but there “may still be a small leak somewhere,” Krajewski said.

The supervisors discussed the problem at last month’s meeting when the water bill came in at over $7000, far above the normal. At first, the supervisors believed the leak was at the Soldier Community Church construction, but an ongoing investigation narrowed the problem down to the valves at the station. The May bill for water was once again over $7000.

Reynoldsville Borough Council member Darren Scolese was at the meeting and requested the use of the township’s grader and operator for work on two street projects in the borough. The supervisors approved the request for the price of $75.00 an hour for both the grader and operator.

Switching hats to fire chief, Scolese requested that if the township was able to tar and chip roads this year, they would come and do the side parking lot at the fire hall.

“If it happens this year, that would be great,” Scolese said. “If not, we’ll plan for next year.”

The supervisors said if they were able to do it this summer, they would.

In other action, the supervisors approved a minor subdivision for property along Vo Tech Road.

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