CBD oil info meeting planned

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, 7 pm, Melia Hall and a Patient Counselor from Herbology will be presenting information on “The Medicinal Benefits of CBD and Medical Marijuana“.  For this program, plan to arrive no earlier than 6:45.

The BUDS Gardeners meeting location is always at the First United Presbyterian Church, 43 W. Scribner Avenue in DuBois.  Please use the red door at ground level facing Scribner Avenue.  For Handicapped Access at the High Street side of the church call 590-1791 when you park. Someone will be up to open the door for you.  BUDS Gardeners programs are educational and always public.  The basement church door will be open after 5:30 PM for members and guests only if you are coming to the actual gardeners meeting.  Please plan to arrive by 5:45 for BUDS meeting.  When the program is finished guests may stay for the business meeting or leave as they choose.

Please note that should a meeting be postponed, it will be rescheduled for the second Thursday of the month at 6 pm and may be held at a different location.

For further information, please contact Cheryl at 371-3322, 590-9010 or cshenkle@verizon.net or  www.budsgardeners.com.

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