Reynoldsville Borough Council meets, gets new member

Mayor Mark August swears in new councilmember Zach Garman.

Reynoldsville Borough Council met on April 17 and welcomed a new member.

By resolution, with council member John Chesnalavich voting no, Zach Garman was named to replace Max Smith who recently resigned from the council. Smith’s term runs until the end of 2024 but Garmin is also seeking election to a four year seat on council in the upcoming May primary.

“I want to help the community out,” he said.

Garman was sworn in by Mayor Mark August following the council meeting. He was one of three candidates for the position. Dave Fleeger, who is also running in the May primary for council, was interviewed for this position. The third candidate was not named at the meeting.

During the public comment section of the meeting, the council heard from representatives of the Reynoldsville Community Association (RCA) which is assisting the borough in the preparation of a zoning ordinance. RCA member Cathy Striegel read from a prepared statement (see link below) informing council about the progress that’s been made so far and what the RCA has learned from Terri Cunkle, a State Department of Community and Economic Development Local Government Policy Specialist. 

Cunkle advised the RCA that the process will take two to three years to complete. She added that the monies necessary for the project should be available through grant funding. Streigel said that Cunkle was willing to meet with the RCA and members of the council to get the process going.

Stacy Snedden addressed council and asked that the borough paint the crosswalks. She said she recently had a close call. She was assured that once the weather breaks the problem will be addressed. Snedden also stressed the need for additional borough police protection.

In the committee reports, Councilmember Ralph August said the Street Committee has come up with a summer paving plan that will total $100,000. The council approved the plan which will be put out for bids.

In his report, Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan said that a survey concerning the fire department’s takeover of the borough park showed overwhelming support. He said the total was 447 in favor and 10 against. He said this survey along with letters of support will be turned over to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) for its review. Since the park had received a DCNR grant in the past, the borough needs its approval to proceed with the turnover.

Council approved a bid totaling $2660 to replace the wooden door to the police station. Mayor Mark August said the current door is in bad need of repair, but in his opinion “it needs to be replaced altogether.”

During Code Enforcement Officer (and councilmember) Nichole Walk’s report, a heated exchange took place between Walk and Councilmember August concerning an unkempt property in the borough. Walk said she was following the ordinances in relation to the property, but August felt enough was not being done.

At the end of the meeting, a visibly upset Walk announced her two week notice as code enforcement officer. She and August had another exchange after the meeting.  

RCA Zoning Info

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