Reynoldsville Council lacks quorum but still hears from residents

Although the Reynoldsville Borough Council was unable to meet on September 3 due to the lack of a quorum, it did listen to residents who came to address the board.

Danielle Roush of 338 South 12th Street came to ask council for help with her water bill. She said the bill totals $773.83, well above the average monthly bill. She also stressed it was an estimated bill and that she had contacted the Water Authority and asked why the bill was so high. She said the response was there was a leak and that the authority had fixed the leak, but Roush stated nothing had been dug up around her home and that she was not aware of any leak.

Roush and her boyfriend, Dan Allen, whose name is on the bill, asked that the meter be read but so far that hasn’t happened. She said she was told the water would be shut off if the bill wasn’t paid. She asked the council for help.

Council President Bill Cebulskie said the borough would look into the matter.

Nicole Walk of Reynoldsville addressed council requesting she be given the seat recently vacated by John Burkett, who resigned August 24 over differences on the handling of allegations of misconduct at the Water/Sewer Authority.

Walk said she ran for council last November and wanted the council to know she was interested in the open seat.

Cebulskie said that due to the lack of a quorum, the council was unable to act on the Burkett resignation letter until the next meeting. He also said he’d like to speak with the Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan before the next meeting to make sure everything is handled as it should be. Council will meet September 17.

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