Winslow Township Supervisors meet

(L-R): Robert Krajewski, Secretary Mary Greeley, Rick August, Mike Mowrey

The Winslow Township Supervisors met in regular session on February 13 and, for the first time, held their session in the recently completed meeting room.

The site location plan for the Jeff Tech Farm to Refrigerator Training Facility was presented. The new building will be located across the access road to the lower parking lot on the east side of the main building.

Supervisor Rick August showed photos of a damaged guardrail at the Pancoast Bridge, the result of a recent accident there. The bridge itself was not damaged. He said he would continue to pursue insurance information.

The supervisors approved a motion to approve repairs to two sewage pumps in the Soldier Water and Sewer System. The cost will be $4,786 and the work will be completed by RAM Septic.

Just before the meeting adjourned, Board Chairman Robert Krajewski said he planned to seek another term as supervisor.

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